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Industrial Waterjet Capabilities
Materials from stainless steel to foam rubber.

Industrial Waterjet Capabilities Waterjet cutting has developed into a manufacturing standard for production of almost all types of industrial materials from stainless steel to foam rubber. PH2O's abilities range from small runs and/or prototyping to full scale production quantities.

  • Tolerances
    With 3 locations, Precision H2O is equipped with six waterjets that can hold tolerances for materials up to 1" thick of +/- .005". For materials over 1" thick, our tolerances increase proportionally.

  • Edge Quality
    Edge quality is available in varying degrees of finishes. The highest quality edge is considered a Q5 rating, offering a light taper, no wave and a high tolerance. Q4, Q3 and Q2 offer a mid-range finish and Q1 is perfect for a separation cut, exhibiting a heavier taper and wave. (see chart below) Your price quote is specifically designed to address your edge quality requirements.






  • Material Size and Weight
    Precision H2O can handle a wide range of sizes and thicknesses up to 8,000 pounds.

  • Secondary Processing
    Precision H2O can provide the following services when required:
  • finish machining
  • material bending
  • welding
  • sandblasting
  • deburring
  • coatings
  • etc...

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