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Tango - More than the sum of its parts
Semi-gloss and matte wall tile enhanced with etched lines and embedded glass

You pick the tile color
You pick the glass color
You pick the grout color

Left: 3" x 6" Field Tile - Right: 3" x 6" Bullnose (4369) on 6" side
3" x 6" Field Tile or 3" x 6" Bullnose (4369) can be ordered in any semi-gloss or matte color.
  Approved Usages:
Walls and Backsplashes

Tiles are grouted for sample purpose only. Your tile setter will grout the Tango line as specified for each project.

Vendor Line Art Part Number Description
280454 Tango Leaf Line-art 9999411140 Leaf 3x6
280454 Tango Leaf Line-art 9999411141 Leaf S4369
280454 Tango Arc Line-art 9999411142 Arc 3x6
280454 Tango Arc Line-art 9999411143 Arc S4369
280454 Tango String Line-art 9999411144 String 3x6
280454 Tango String Line-art 9999411145 String S4369
280454 Tango Box Line-art 9999411146 Box 3x6
280454 Tango Box Line-art 9999411147 Box S4369
280454 Tango Liner Line-art 9999411148 1/4x6 glass
reflections liner

Tango accessorizes ALL
       Semi-Gloss and Matte
       Colors field tile projects

Tango upscales a highly
       specified mainstream
       product (Semi-Gloss and
       Matte Colors)

Tango unites Maracas Glass
       or Glass Reflections with
       3x6 in all Semi-Gloss and
       Matte Colors

Tango is available
       with short lead-times

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